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Individuals and institutions may download a copy of the LINKS text, graphics, and scripts to use on their own campuses and customize in whole or in part. This site leads you through three steps to acquire a copy of yourLINKS.

  1. Read and agree to the Open Publication License (OPL)

  2. Register with your name and contact information

  3. Download the yourLINKS compressed file and README

yourLINKS is distributed to all interested parties at no charge under an OPL. The OPL requires that you credit the original work, make any future works based upon LINKS available under a similar OPL, and request permission before selling any product based upon LINKS. Registration allows us to track institutions interested in yourLINKS; that information will not be used for any other purpose nor does it imply a commitment on your part to use yourLINKS in any particular manner.