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Project Development
The TCNJ LINKS tutorial is a modified version of that produced by Lansing Community College, the history of which is outlined below.

LINKS was developed using a team approach. Members of Lansing Community College Library's Instructional Services Team evaluated Western Michigan University's Searchpath and identified changes needed to modify Searchpath for a community college audience.

Instructional Services Team Members
Kim Farley, Instructional Services Librarian, IST Lead
Debby Harris, Distance Learning Librarian
Suzanne Sawyer, Electronic Information Services Librarian
Barb Shipman, Instruction and Reference Librarian
Trixi B. Smith, Web Librarian

We would like to thank Elaine Anderson Jayne, Searchpath project manager, for her assistance and encouragement, and for providing an outstanding tutorial from which we could work. In addition, we wish to thank Soheil Ghavami for his patience and diligence with java scripting and other technical support, and Victoria Meadows for her creativity, design expertise, and editorial skill. Finally, we would like to thank Scott Norris, Adaptive Technology Coordinator at the Library of Michigan, for his advice on accessibility.

LCC Library Information Services faculty and staff who are primarily responsible for LINKS are:

Kim Farley writer
Soheil Ghavami java script and other technical support
Debby Harris project manager, writer
Victoria Meadows LINKS design, original LINKS graphics and photography, LINKS page building
Suzanne Sawyer writer
Barb Shipman writer
Trixi B. Smith writer, web technical expert, accessibility and usability expert

The "Call Numbers" page, is used with the permission of Seattle Community College District Libraries at