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Epperson photoTerrence W. Epperson, Ph.D.

Social Sciences Librarian

Greetings! As of March 1, 2004 I am the College of New Jersey Social Sciences Librarian. I serve five departments, four within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences:


and one department within the School of the Arts & Communication:


I also support the work of the TCNJ Municipal Land Use Center

Current Projects

  • In conjunction with coauthor Miriam Rigby, I am writing the "Guide to Anthropology Resources" volume for the Sudden Selectors Guides Series to be published by Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS).
  • I am one of six bloggers at Library Juice.
  • During fall semester, 2011 I am teaching The Anthropology of Cyberspace in the TCNJ First Seminar Program (FSP).
  • Research Interests

    As the TCNJ Social Sciences Librarian, my current research interests focus on the potentially crucial role of librarianship within the transformed curriculum, and I have a particular interest in the emerging field of computer-supported collaborative learning. CSCL has two interrelated concerns: 1) how can computer mediation support and enhance collaborative learning, and 2) how can social science research enhance our understanding of the collaborative process. This interdisciplinary research incorporates insights from diverse fields, including: design research (human-computer interaction), situated learning (education), ethnomethodology and conversation analysis (sociology), and activity theory (psychology). I am currently working on a literature review article that examines the potential contributions of critical ethnography to CSCL.

    As a potential research focus, I am interested in partnering with teaching faculty in the social sciences to foster and enhance collaborative learning. Although SOCS (Simple Online Couseware System) was initially designed as a traditional instructional tool, the enhanced version currently being implemented also has untapped potential to serve as a collaborative learning tool.

    As an anthropologist, I also have a continuing interest in race/class/gender issues, particularly the social construction and contestation of "whiteness" as a seemingly natural, innate category. I am also interested in intellectual property and cultural patrimony issues within minority communities. My interests in librarianship and anthropology are combined in concerns related to information equity and the digital divide.


    Sample Publications (pre-TCNJ)

  • (2004) Terrence W. Epperson, "Critical Race Theory and the Archaeology of the African Diaspora," Historical Archaeology 38(1):101-108. [special thematic issue: "Transcending Boundaries, Transforming the Discipline: African Diaspora Archaeologies in the New Millennium," edited by Maria Franklin and Larry McKee]


  • (2000) Terrence W. Epperson, "Panoptic Plantations: The Garden Sights of Thomas Jefferson and George Mason," in Lines That Divide: Historical Archaeologies of Race, Class, and Gender, edited by James A. Delle, Stephen A. Mrozowski, and Robert Paynter, University of Tennessee Press.



  • (1994) Terrence W. Epperson, "The Politics of Empiricism and the Construction of Race as an Analytical Category," Transforming Anthropology 5(1&2):15-19.


  • (1991) Terrence W. Epperson, "Race and the Disciplines of the Plantation," Historical Archaeology 24(4):29-36.