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Anthropology TCNJ Library - New Anthropology Books rss icon
Art TCNJ Library - New Art Books rss icon
Children's Collection TCNJ Library - New Children's Collection Books rss icon
Communication and Mass Media TCNJ Library - New Communication and Mass Media Books rss icon
Computer Science TCNJ Library - New Computer Science Books rss icon
Criminology TCNJ Library - New Criminology Books rss icon
DVD TCNJ Library - New DVDs rss icon
Economics TCNJ Library - New Economics Books rss icon
Education TCNJ Library - New Education Books rss icon
English Literature TCNJ Library - New English Literature Books rss icon
Finance TCNJ Library - New Finance Books rss icon
General Works TCNJ Library - New General Works Books rss icon
Geography TCNJ Library - New Geography Books rss icon
History (All) TCNJ Library - New History Books rss icon
History - America TCNJ Library - New American History Books rss icon
History - Asia & Oceania TCNJ Library - New Asian and Oceanian History Books rss icon
History - Europe TCNJ Library - New European History Books rss icon
History - General TCNJ Library - New History - General Books rss icon
Languages TCNJ Library - New Languages Books rss icon
Law TCNJ Library - New Law Books rss icon
Mathematics TCNJ Library - New Mathematics Books rss icon
Modern Languages TCNJ Library - New Modern Languages Materials rss icon
Music TCNJ Library - New Music Books rss icon
Philosophy TCNJ Library - New Philosophy Books rss icon
Political Science TCNJ Library - New Political Science Books rss icon
Psychology TCNJ Library - New Psychology Books rss icon
Religion TCNJ Library - New Religion Books rss icon
Socialism TCNJ Library - New Socialism Books rss icon
Sociology TCNJ Library - New Sociology Books rss icon
Statistics TCNJ Library - New Statistics Books rss icon
Television and Film Studies TCNJ Library - New Television and Film Studies Books rss icon

Other TCNJ Library Feeds:

Topic Title URL  
Library News TCNJ Library News rss icon
Databases TCNJ Library - Databases rss icon

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How do I access RSS?

You read these files in a program called an RSS aggregator (also sometimes called an RSS reader), which collects news from various websites and provides it to you in a simple human-readable form. There are two common types of RSS aggregators, client based and Web-based. A client based RSS aggregator is a piece of software that you install on your computer. There are many different client based aggregators to chose from. If you already use the Mozilla Thunderbird for e-mail, you can also use it for RSS. Thunderbird, besides being an excellent e-mail client is also a very good RSS reader. One advantage of Thunderbird is that most people check their e-mail regularly and they will be able to see any new items in RSS at the same time and will not have to open up a separate program or web site. See RSS Basics for Thunderbird for more information about how to use Thunderbird to access RSS feeds. If you prefer a stand-alone RSS aggregator there are many to choose from. Some popular ones include Omea Reader, RSS Bandit, FeedReader, and Newsgator.

Many people prefer to use web-based aggregators that are offered for free on the Internet. My Yahoo!, Bloglines, and Newsgator are popular services that can aggregate RSS feeds. One of the advantages of the web-based services is that you can get to them from anywhere you can open a web browser.

To view one of the TCNJ Library feeds in your RSS Aggregator:

  1. Copy the URL/shortcut that corresponds to the RSS feed that interests you.
  2. Paste the URL into your reader.

RSS Feeds in SOCS

Faculty can add the Library RSS feeds into courses on SOCS by using the Syndication module.To do this, select:

Your course > Syndication > Manage RSS Channels > Import Channel From External Website

From this page, copy the URL/shortcut that corresponds to the RSS feed that interests you and paste the URL into your reader.

TCNJ Library RSS Feeds are also listed on the "View Suggested Channels" page in the SOCS syndication module. Contact SOCS support or Yongming Wang, Systems Librarian at for help displaying the Library Feeds on your class page in SOCS.

These Feeds are great, how do I get more?

Faculty members that want specific feeds for their classes should contact their Subject Librarian or the Systems Librarian, Yongming Wang (