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How Do I Find Audio (Sound Recordings)?

All materials that the Library owns, whether in print or other format, e.g., sound recordings may be found in the TCNJ Library Catalog. Limiting your search is the fastest way to find sound recordings.

Step 1. Limit your search

On the "Basic Search" screen you can use "Quick Limit", or "Set More Limits."

You can only limit Title, Keyword-Boolean, and Keyword-Relevance searches from this screen. To set limits on the "Guided Search" screen, scroll down and click the "Set More Limits Button". Follow the instructions noted below.

Using "Quick Limit" follow these steps:

  • From the pulldown menu, select Sound Recording.

Using "Set More Limits" follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Set More Limits Button."
  • Scroll down to the "Medium" pulldown menu.
  • Select Music Recording or Nonmusical Recording (if searching for speeches, etc.)
  • Click on the "Set Limits" button.


Step 2. Conduct your search

Using "Basic Search" follow these steps:

  • Enter your term(s) in the "Search for" box.
  • Select Title, Keyword-Boolean, or Keyword-Relevance from the "Search in" pulldown menu.

Using "Guided Search" follow these steps:

  • Enter your term(s) in the "Search for" box.
  • Select Keyword Anywhere, Subject, Title, or Author from the "Search in" pulldown menu.


Step 3. Finding Your Sound Recording in the Library

All of the Library's sound recordings are kept together, behind the service counter in the Media Viewing/Listening Room. Simply go to the counter and ask the attendant for the sound recording you want, giving her the appropriate call number from the catalog.


Step 4. Additional Search Hints

  • To search for recordings by a particular artist, composer, etc., use the "Guided Search," enter the last name in the "Search for" box and select Author from the "Search in " pulldown menu.
  • To find only compact discs (eliminating LPs and cassettes from the search), add the word "compact" to a keyword search: schumann and songs and compact.