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EndNote Guide

EndNote is a citation database manager that helps you store, manage, and search for bibliographic references. You can use EndNote to create bibliographies and footnotes.

Endnote is a fairly complex software program that can take some time to learn. This tips sheet is a basic guide. For further instruction see

Current staff and students of the College of New Jersey are eligible to install EndNote 8 software onto College and dorm computers.

Download EndNote 8 Software

To download the software to your computer you must be connected to the campus network.

  • Go to Start, Application Explorer Applications, Library Online Databases, EndNote V8
  • EndNote installer will start.
  • The installer is a large file and may take some time to download depending on your connection.
  • Once downloaded, go to Start, Programs, Endnote folder and choose Endnote Program.  

Create an EndNote Library

  • Create a new file (called an EndNote Library) by going to File, New .
  • Change the Save in: drop down menu from Examples to either the A: drive if you have a disc or to your segment of the H: drive.
  • Give your new Library a name and click Save . You should now have a blank EndNote Library on your screen. You can create as many Libraries as you want, each may contain up to 32,000 references.

3 Ways to Create References:

  1. Enter Data by Hand
  2. Connect to an Online Bibliographic Database and Transfer Records
  3. Import citations from a saved file

1. Create a Reference by Entering Data by Hand

  • Choose New from the References menu.
  • Click the Reference Type drop-down menu and choose one of the customizable reference types (journal article .
  • Enter citation information - each EndNote reference can contain up to 30 fields of information, including abstract, keywords, notes and a link to full text articles when available on the web.
  • Add information for each field. If you want to add another line in the same field, use Enter key. Use the Tab key to go to the next field, Shift/Tab to go back to a previous field.
  • Authors should be entered First Middle Last or Last, First Middle.
  • Author names must be entered one per line. E.g. Smith, J.T. and let it wrap to the next line if it is too long.
  • When entering corporate authors, use a comma at the end. e.g., "American Medical Association,"
  • Once all the information has been entered into a record, close the reference window, or by choosing Close Reference from the File menu.

2. Create References by Connecting to an Online Bibliographic Database and Transfer Records

  • Configure your copy of Endnote to access the TCNJ Library Catalog
  • Open Endnote, Choose Edit, Choose Connection Files, Choose New Connnection, Choose Connection Setting, Apply the setting listed below:

    Server: TCNJ
    Server Address:
    Database: Library Catalog
    Database name: voyager
    Element Set: F
    Port ID: 7090
    Record Syntax: USMARC
    Text: ANSEL
    Login Information: Leave it all unchecked
  • Save the connection
  • Choose Connect. from the Tool menu.
  • Ignore any error messages by clicking on OK.
  • Select TCNJ , click Connect
  • When the connection is successfully established, EndNote opens a Retrieved References window and displays the Search window.

Search the Database

  • Type in one or more search terms.
  • To narrow your search, change Any Field to a specific field. When using more than one search term/field, make sure to choose the appropriate AND , OR or NOT option. Recommended: Keep your searches simple.
  • Once the search items are entered, click on Perform Search button. EndNote sends the search request to the remote database and a summary of search results is displayed.
  • Results appear in the Retrieved References window.

Transfer results into an EndNote Library

  • Click the Copy X References To >> button.
  • Choose the appropriately named EndNote Library
  • All the references will be saved in your EndNote Library. Close and discard the references in the search box.

To perform another search, close the search box, and start over by choosing connect.

3. Create References by Importing Citations from a Database Saved Search Result File*

  • Do a search in a database.
  • Select and Save records as a .txt file or .dat file for Silver Platter databases such as MLA Bibliography, Philosopher's Index, PsychInfo.
  • Open an EndNote Library or create a new one.
  • Choose Import . from the File menu.
  • Click Choose File to locate the file you just downloaded from whatever database you just searched.
  • Select appropriate import option from Import Option list. Choose your Import Option based on which database you searched. Choose Other Filters and check the full list of import filters if you do not see the correct one.
  • Choose what you prefer to do with duplicates:
  • Import All
  • Discard Duplicates, or
  • Import Into Duplicates Library
  • Click Import .

*Instructions may need to be altered slightly depending on which database you use.

2 Ways to Use Endnote once you have created References

  1. Export Citations to a Bibliography in Microsoft Word
  2. Insert Citations into the text of a paper

1. To Export Citations into a Bibliography in Microsoft Word

  • In EndNote, sort citations alphabetically by Author by clicking on the Author title bar.
  • Choose Edit, Output Styles, check box for style you want bibliography to be in ( Chicago 14th B seems to work well). If you do not find it, choose Open Style Manager, then pick up the one you need.
  • Go to File, Export
  • Name the file and save it as .rtf
  • Open Microsoft Word and open the file you have just created.

2. To Insert Citations into the text of a paper

In Microsoft Word or Word Perfect:

  • Position cursor where you would like the citation placed.
  • Within Microsoft Word, go to the Tools menu and select Go to EndNote .
  • Highlight the reference you want to cite from your EndNote library.
  • There are 3 ways to add a reference to your paper:
  • While still in EndNote , go to Tools , Cite While You Write , and Insert Selected Citation(s)
  • If you are using Word, go to the Tools menu and select Insert Citation(s) .
  • You may copy/paste or drag/drop the reference into the document where you want to cite it.

If you do not see Cite While You Write within the Tools menu in Microsoft Word, follow these instructions from the EndNote FAQ:

Format Bibliography

  • If you are using Microsoft Word, Choose Format Bibliography from the Tools menu.
  • Select the style for your bibliography. If you do not see the style that you want to use in your list of options, go to the Edit menu, select Output Styles , then select Open Style Manager to pick from over 1000 potential bibliography styles. Close the Style Manager box.
  • The Format Bibliography box also allows you to enable or disable Instant Formatting .
  • Click OK.
  • EndNote formats the citations and creates a bibliography at the end of your document according to the style selected.


Revised 8/02/04

Marc Meola
Jia Mi