October 9, 1988 Where the Legacy Began...

In the Fall of 1988 there were 16 distinguished womyn, who sought to create an esteemed organization at Montclair College, (now known as Montclair State University) These womyn wanted to create a unique, and priceless sisterhood that would heighten their college experience, by giving the opportunity to empower, educate, and support womyn of all races, creeds and colors. Multiculturalism, Independence, and Children were only some of the main goals that these dynamic womyn knew must be entities within their organization. Not only were these womyn concerned with the likelihood of Latina, African-American, Caucasian, and Asian womyn but also with the future generations of our world....The Children.

After many nights of struggle, laughter, tears, and fears the 16 womyn from across the globe formed the organization known today as

Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Inc.

The overall membership of Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Inc. reflects diversity; we are a myriad of ethnic, political and religious backgrounds. With the belief in mind that education equals womyn's empowerment, we were founded on superior scholarship and we vow to advance our academic ideals at every college and university that we may reach.

Our sisterhood also serves as a common social ground that encourages close friendships among our sisters, other respective Greeks and the community. And in carrying out that purpose of Lambda Tau Omega Sorority Inc., we inspire Sisters to live our motto


Today, more than ever Lambda Tau Omega Sorority Inc. serves as an integral and functional part of college and university experience, we encompass various fields of higher education .

Moreover, we are a sisterhood of young energetic, and strong minded womyn with the courage to thrive on innovation, while never losing sight of our main philanthropic focus ~ children. We hold that children are a powerful means of fostering a productive future for all. Therefore, children's guidance, education, and health must be a leading concern for all Lambda Tau Omega Sorority Inc. sisters. And even though our philanthropic focus is the overall welfare of children, we are open to other causes as well.

From the inception, Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Incorporated began her journey alone. Over a decade later, we continue to pride ourselves on being independent womyn who will ALWAYS be independent womyn.

We are womyn who search for quality as opposed to quantity. We welcome all womyn who share our beliefs, determination, discipline and dedication.