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Watch some of LTV's funniest people get you to laugh and cry in our comedy show.

Exclusively On The Web

A unique comedy show created by our hilarious comedy producer. Exclusively on the web is a chance for the comedy producer to create digital shorts; not quite as elaborate as the famous snl digital shorts, but almost there.


The Hot Corner

Join LTV in discussing baseball through heated, timed debates.

Sports Outlet

Check out LTV's sports geniuses get in front of the camera and debate about popular sports topics.



LTV's musical show! We bring on guests from around tcnj to talk to us about their musical lives and to perform.

Celebrity Gossip

LTV's own scoop on the latest celebrity gossip. From scandals to marriages, we've got it for you here.

Celebrity Interviews

LTV has had backstage access to many of the celebrities that have come to TCNJ. Check out some of our recent interviews.


LTV News

Want to know what's going on around TCNJ? LTV News has got you covered.

Learn About LTV

About LTV

LTV is TCNJ's student-operated television production organization. It is operated by and housed in the Department of Communication Studies. Participants are volunteers, and LTV students in any major are encouraged to join the club and to create our programming.

Since all programming on LTV is student-initiated, they depend upon the interests of the active participants. We can count on having sport, news, and entertainment shows, however the format may change as the semesters change.

LTV cablecasts on TCNJ campus cable 17. LTV programs twelve-week seasons during the fall and spring, Everyday from 5:30pm-1am. When LTV is not broadcasting original content, we transmit a community bulletin board with upcoming campus events accompanied by 91.3fm WTSR (TCNJ's radio station).

LTV shares in the equipment used for academic work. This is a great advantage, as all the portable field equipment and the studio and editing facilities of the Communications Department are available for LTV production along with an unprecedented level of engineering and technical support. Most college television stations do not enjoy this access and support.

While the opportunity to use professional equipment beginning in freshman year is one attraction, LTV as an organization provides a setting for people to:

  • Make friends
  • Work in teams
  • Get professional experience
  • Build a portfolio
  • Network with professors and professionals in the field and
  • Learn to deal with real-life production challenges

Participation involves interaction within the organization, the TCNJ campus and with Ewing-area residents.

Our Executive Board

Our Executive Board is chosen every April for the next school year.

Jaqueline Ilkowitz

Station Manager

William Wyckoff

Director of Technical Operations

Michael Jozwiak

Director of Programming

Folake Ayiloge

Media and Public Relations Director

Matthew Newman

Media and Public Relations Director

Jillian Santacroce

Staff Director

Harrison Duhr


Our Producers

Our Producers are chosen every April for the next school year.

Kate Caratenuto

News Producer

Jared Sokoloff

Music/Celebrity Gossip Producer

Brandon Magown

Sports Producer

Ben Sciortino

Comedy Producer

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