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FALL 2011

FALL 2007
FALL 2006

3/25/07 Binghamton vs. TCNJ (L)

Binghamton downed TCNJ (1-0) in the spring season opener at Rutgers. A missed Pk by Tim and an outstanding Pk save by Eric kept the game interesting. The Lions were tireless in the second half, dazzling Binghamton in the last 10 minutes of the game. Their goal keeper was actually heard saying, "Just hold on for 10 more minutes". Too bad for him; for the last 10 minutes the Lions gave Binghamton hell.

3/25/07 Rutgers vs. TCNJ (T)

The Lions tied the rivaling Scarlett Knights (1-1) in their second match-up of the day. Joe Brigandi was the solo scorer, netting in a Pk for the Lions. The Lions were met with a series of injuries after two games. Team leaders decided to cancel indoor practice the following Tuesday, as concerns about the health of the players lingered. To alleviate the pain and heal the injuries as quickly as possible, a mixer with KD was scheduled promptly.

4/22/07 Lafayette vs. TCNJ (L)

TCNJ had strength in numbers at home in Lion's Stadium, but they were stymied by Lafayette (2-1). The visitors struck first with a semi-breakaway goal on a counterattack which left GK Eric Scherm with no chance. The Lions responded shortly after with a 30 yard beauty by Senior midfielder Joe Brigandi. The 2nd half was played evenly, but Lafayette got the best of the Lions to pull off a victory in the end.

4/22/07 Princeton vs. TCNJ (T)

The lions needed to have a short memory, as they needed to prepare for their next match under the lights against their rivals Princeton. The game went back and forth and seemed like it could have gone either way with both teams getting their share of scoring chances. Nick Boterri received a promising through ball from Senior captain Pete Muscarnera with only minutes left in the game. However, his run onto the ball was cut short by cramps, as the whole team was suffering from dehydration. In the end neither could find the back of the net, resulting in a scoreless tie (0-0).

4/29/07 Drexel vs. TCNJ (L)

The Dragons downed a scant lions squad (2-0) in the final game of the spring season. TCNJ only managed to summon a squad of 11 players to the game in Philadelphia. Yet the heart of a lion proved to be a tough one. With an empty bench to look at when the game started, the lions managed to battle to a scoreless tie at halftime. TCNJ fought off countless attacks on their net with one ball hitting the crossbar and dozens entering the penalty area. The Lions started the 2nd half with only 10 men as TCNJ lost a player to a previous commitment. The defense held strong until about 20 minutes in. A ball was served high into the box where 2 Dragons were waiting, apparently not off-sides. They knocked over the TCNJ keeper and simply tapped the ball in for the goal. Pleads with the referee fell on deaf ears. Shortly after, the Lions received a scare when junior midfielder and team President Joe Okaly went down hard making a great play to steal the ball from a plump Dragon. TCNJ was down to 9 players but received a spark when Okaly came back on minutes later. The lions had a few counterattacks and seemed to control the ball for a while. Then Junior midfielder Sean Heller went down to a knee injury. The remaining 9 Lions fought valiantly, but Drexel slipped by an insurance goal with minutes to go. If the Lions had a few reserves in the den they could have easily pulled off a victory. Hopefully the squad receives a higher commitment level next season.

FALL 2007
9/16/07 West Chester vs. TCNJ (W)

The Lions made their season debut at home against West Chester University on Sunday. Dan Plaska opened the Lions game with a well-place ball in the first half. West Chester would respond with another goal, however Jody Smith confirmed the win with an outstanding header off of a cross from Nick to seal the (2-1) victory for TCNJ.

G (1 Plaska, 1 Jody)

A (1 Nick)

9/16/07 Lafayette vs. TCNJ (T)

The Lions saw a brutal match-up against Lafayette, which ended in a (1-1) tie in OT at Green Lane. Magic Tim was credited with the solo goal. A dangerous foul in OT angered both teams as the ref loss control of the game. El prezidente Joe Okaly was forced to call the game to prevent a riot from breaking out.

9/22/07 Rutgers vs. TCNJ (L)

Rutgers defeated TCNJ at Rutgers (2-1) under very wet conditions Saturday. The Lions squad was riddled with error on the field during both halves. Steady rains made for treacherous conditions as the Rutgers offense sank 2 goals before games end. Despite the 2 goal deficit, the Lions gathered their strength for one last drive and delivered a goal in the 79th minute, ending the game on a positive run.

G (1 Dom)

9/22/07 Princeton vs. TCNJ (L)

Princeton defeated TCNJ at Rutgers (5-1). Minutes after their 2-1 loss to Rutgers, a fatigued Lions squad devoured a tasty platter of honey dew melon, compliments of Dom's Mom. However no melon could save the Lions from the force of Princeton, which delivered 2 goals before the half. After a stern lecture, the Lions squad appeared revitalized in the early minutes of the 2nd half, driving hard offensively and pushing the ball deep into Princeton territory. Late in the second half, a Lions throw-in slipped into the Princeton 18 where Dom found the back of the net for his 2nd goal of the day. The celebration was short lived as Princeton returned with 2 additional goals before the end of the game. In preparation for their next match (10/14), the Lions will have to work hard during their 3-week rest if they wish to improve upon their game.

G (1 Dom)

A (1 Jody)

10/14/07 Drexel vs. TCNJ (L)

Drexel defeated TCNJ at home (3-1) under good weather on Saturday. It was the Lions debut game on the new turf field and the team delivered an exceptional performance, holding the score to 2-1 at the half. In the second half, Drexel extended their lead to 3-1 as the Lion's offensive saw no progress late in the game.

10/14/07 Princeton vs. TCNJ (L)

Princeton defeated TCNJ at home (5-1). TCNJ was trounced in the first half, suffering a 5 goal deficit after 40 minutes of play. A miracle fan unloaded a 5 gallon container of sliced oranges before half, which may have fueled the miraculous Lions offensive that was launched in the second half. Chris Vulcz recorded the solo goal for the Lions, an impressive canon from 25 yards that landed just under the cross bar.

G (1 Chris Vulcz)

10/20/07 Bucknell II vs. TCNJ (T)

The Lions traveled to central Pennsylvania and were met by green fields and a smorgasbord of food from Dom's Mom. Bucknell showed strength in the first half although the Lions dominated the field most of the game. Joe Okaly made his season debut and had plenty to show for his talent. The team fought hard and picked up momentum in the second half although the (1-1) score would not change by game's end.

10/20/07 University of Delaware vs. TCNJ (L)

The Lions were defeated by UDel (2-0) in a physical match that saw a row of penalties and plenty of rough contact. The U of D squad out-matched the Lions in size by an average of 5'' and 20 lbs. However, what the Lions lacked in size they made up for in tenacity. Rob and Jeremy were ferocious on the field; Brad recovered after a few rough hits from the U of D vehemouths; Jon Ayles laid into the U of D offense with solid hits all game; the midfield finally saw well developed plays out of the back; and the offense made a commendable attack on goal all day. The young Lions squad has shown promise this Fall. Better games are to come in the days ahead as the team prepares for the 2008 Fall season.

10/28/07 Annual Alumni Game

A faithful squad of Alumni appeared for the Lions annual alumni game. The weather was perfect for a game on the new turf as the stadium filled with 15 spectators. A shortage in Alumni forced several Lions to play on the alumni side, which to their pleasure worked out in the end. The final scored did not matter, since the last goal was declared to be the victory decider. Alas, it was the Alumni who claimed the spoils of the last goal, and thus the BBQ commenced. Thank you to Pete and to all of the Alumni who came out that day.

3/25/06 Rutgers vs. TCNJ (W)

TCNJ defeated Rutgers (3-1) in their opening game of the spring season. Joe Brigandi caught the Rutgers defense by surprise when he slid in the Lions first goal while the keeper was setting up his wall. Smart thinking Joe! Ray Ostrowski and Dave Zaun also punched in a goal each, adding to the score in the second half.

Goals (1 Joe Brigandi, 1 Dave Zaun, 1 Ray Ostrowski)

Assists (2 Ben Libert)

4/8/06 Princeton vs. TCNJ (L)

Princeton defeated TCNJ (4-1) at Princeton. It was 44 F, windy, and raining. Despite the conditions, Jon Ayles made us all proud when he wore only his short sleeved jersey [and shorts]. Princeton was the first to score. Minutes later, Neil Hartman scrapped for a loose ball inside the 6 and converted a goal. Although the Lions held Princeton to 1-1 at the half, Princeton would catch the Lions by surprise later in the game, unleashing an onslaught of goals in the first 15 minutes of the second half. The Lions ended their spring season with a record of 1-1.

G (1 Neil Hartman)

A (1 Ben Libert)

FALL 2006
9/15/06 Rutgers A vs. TCNJ (L)

Rutgers defeated TCNJ (1-0) in a hard-fought game @ Rutgers. The Lions had dominated the game, however the Scarlet Knights managed to slip a goal by GK Brandon Parry with 2 minutes left in regulation to pull out a win.

9/15/06 Lafayette vs. TCNJ (L)

TCNJ was defeated by Lafayette (0-3) in their second grueling match of the night. The Lions started their second game minutes after playing Rutgers A. The Lions lack of rest was evident; 15 minutes into the game the midfield had no legs and their lack of defensive support suffered the team. Lafayette took an early lead and proceeded to dominate the rest of the game thereafter. The Lions ended the night 0-2. They are now 0-2 on the Fall season.

9/24/06 Drexel vs. TCNJ (W)

TCNJ posted its first win of the season at home against Drexel (2-1). Joe Okaly drained a sweet ball from outside the 18 to put the Lions on the board 1-0 in the first half. Nick Boteri also showed up for a goal in the second half.

G (1 Joe Okaly, 1 Nick Boteri)

A (1 Leo Muchnick)

9/24/06 LaSalle vs. TCNJ (W)

TCNJ posted its second win of the season against LaSalle (2-0). Nick Popovich and Jody Smith combined goals for the victory. Some sources speculate that the Lion's performance might have been aided to the power of the oranges that day. To date, there is no concrete evidence to suggest otherwise. Someone better bring oranges to the next game. Mrs. Libert sealed the post-game victory celebration with her tasty homemade brownies.

G (1 Nick Popovich, 1 Jody Smith)

A (1 Dan Plaska, 1 Eugene Muchnick)

10/1/06 Lafayette vs. TCNJ (L)

The Lions met defeat against Lafayette as they were toppled (3-1) in a tough away game. Ben Libert drew a foul inside the box which led to a well placed PK by Joe Brigandi.

G (1 Joe Brigandi )

10/1/06 Hofstra vs. TCNJ (L)

Hard fouls and trash talk from the Hofstra team made for an entertaining game, however the Lions would not find the net in time to save their necks in the second half. The Lions posted a loss (4-3) in a high scoring game against Hofstra. The embittered referee squad scraped together at the last minute by the Lafayette team let the game slip out of control in the second half, which led to a PK goal by Joe Brigandi. Brandon Parry netted a miraculous goal, which shocked everyone, including a strange fan on the sideline who came down and congratulated during the Lafayette game. Brandon provided the team with momentum for one last drive however the Hofstra squad netted one final goal to punch out a win for their team.

G (1 Eugene Muchnick, 1 Joe Brigandi, 1 Brandon Parry)

A (1 Joe Brigandi, 1 Eugene Muchnick, 1 Pete Muscanera)

10/7/06 John Hopkins vs. TCNJ (W)

Dave Zaun scored for a dramatic game-winning goal in the second half of JohnsHopkins game on Saturday. The Lions pulled away with a (1-0) victory over the Hopkins team. The Hopkins team did however convert a win in their second game against LaSalle, justifying their long trip to TCNJ, which began with a fated wrong turn somewhere in South Jersey, when they mistakenly thought RT 295 was interstate 95, and got off the highway at the wrong exit 4. Better luck next time fellas.

G (1 Dave Zaun)

A (1 Brandon Parry)

10/7/06 Princeton vs. TCNJ (W)

The Lions defeated Princeton (1-0) in a twisted match that saw further evidence of a strong Zaun-Parry connection. Zaun is credited with the assist, and Brandon Parry with the game-winning goal. After the match, Brandon Parry was noted for saying, 'I didn't know I had it in me', to which the rest of the team decisively exclaimed, 'What the *&%$ just happened?'

G (1 Brandon Parry)

A (1 Dave Zaun)

10/14/06 Princeton vs. TCNJ (T)

Apparently club soccer is not good for Lehigh's varsity fields. Hey it's not like the field we were about to play on was the best looking field club soccer has ever seen. Damnit, it was! The wind was brutal at Lehigh. The powerful gale actually ripped Eliot from the bench and tossed him around like a rag doll, all the way back to NJ. There has been no trace of Eliot since the incident. TCNJ tied Princeton (1-1). Ben Libert slipped a ball past the Princeton keeper during the first half to net the only goal for the Lions. Princeton retaliated quickly with a goal and the game ended in a tie after 60 minutes.

G (1 Ben Libert)

A (1 Eugene Muchnick)

10/14/06 Lehigh vs. TCNJ (L)

TCNJ fought valiantly against Lehigh in a frantic match that ended in a bitter loss (2-1). Lehigh put on quite a show as their beefy squad pushed and shoved throughout the match, however TCNJ never stooped low enough to retaliate. Sean Heller racked in the solo goal for the Lions. The team split up quickly after the game, in pursuit of their respective feeding sanctuaries: Waffle House and Wendy's.

G (1 Sean Heller)

10/21/06 Loyola vs. TCNJ (L)

Loyola defeats TCNJ (4-0) in a bitterly cold match, at a 8:30am, on a marsh, 7 hrs after the Lions arrive in Erie. 7am breakfast was not a good idea.

10/21/06 Brown vs. TCNJ (L)

Brown trounces TCNJ (6-0) in another cold and muddy game. Sandro takes over as goal keeper in the second half of the match. He comes up big and impresses many women from the girl's soccer team. The Lions establish a fan club.

10/22/06 UMass vs. TCNJ (W)

TCNJ defeats UMass (2-0) in what began as a friendly match and turned into a rowdy assault that saw the ejection of a UMass player. Eric Scherm was brilliant in goal with amazing one-armed saves and outstanding plays on the ball. Women's soccer supported the men throughout the first half, until they were threatened by the referee, after jeering at a UMass player for wearing 'sweeaat paanntss'. Most of the UMass team opted not to shake hands after the game, probably because they were so cold and tired like we were.

Erie was a good experience, despite what the scores suggest.