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US History I


The Patriot Guided Questions


Directions: Answer each question based upon what you see in The Patriot.


  1. What year does the movie start out in?



  1. Which colony do the Martinís live in?



  1. What city do the Martinís travel to for the Colonial Assembly meeting?



  1. How many colonies give money for a Continental Army?



  1. When Gabriel is writing the letter to his family, where is he and who does he see on the horse?



  1. What happens to the Colonial wounded at the Martinís house?



  1. Who is Gabrielís commanding officer in the army?



  1. Why does Gabriel go into the church?



  1. What does Benjamin do with his sonís toy soldiers?



  1. What fighting tactic do Benjamin and his men use to fight the British?



  1. What do Benjamin and his men get when the capture the covered wagon?



  1. What do Benjamin and his men do to the British supply ship?



  1. What happens to slaves that give one year of service in the Continental Army?