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For Immediate Release

June 3, 2008

Alfred Harcourt Foundation grants additional scholarship support to TCNJ students and

$75, 000 to EOF summer program


EWING, NJ … Since September 2000, The College of New Jersey has supported 37 students through the support of the Alfred Harcourt Foundation. For fall 2008, the College will enroll four more first year students bringing the total to 41 students who have benefited from the generosity of the Alfred Harcourt Foundation. Established by Ellen Knowles Harcourt, the Alfred Harcourt Foundation provides scholarships for low-income students who are interested in public service careers such as teaching, nursing and other fields and who show promise of future contributions to society.

Starting with the 2008-09 academic year, the foundation will be funneling its support solely to TCNJ and the Teacher Academy and Hunter College at the City University of New York (CUNY). The foundation will fund four freshmen Harcourt Scholars at $8,000 per year, which is a $2,000 per year increase per student over past years.

Currently, the Alfred Harcourt Foundation scholarships support 12 students at TCNJ – four seniors, three juniors, one sophomore, and four freshmen. Under the agreement, the scholarships will fund up to 16 students at a time (four per class year).

With this increase in support also comes an increase in autonomy in the selection process; the foundation has given TCNJ independence in its selection of scholarship recipients, so long as the selection is consistent with the criteria applied by the foundation in previous years.

In addition to the scholarships, the Alfred Harcourt Foundation also has provided a $75,000 grant for the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Second Summer Program. The EOF Second Summer Program is a college initiative designed to further increase the retention through graduation of EOF Program students by providing an opportunity for students to attend summer school between their first and second years at the College.

“The relationship we established and have nourished with the Alfred Harcourt Foundation is extremely important to the College’s commitment to support very talented students who have overcome challenges that would have defeated others,” said R. Barbara Gitenstein, president of TCNJ. “ These students have and will in the future exemplify TCNJ's mission to educate the leaders who will enrich and sustain the communities in which they live.”

Michael R. Winston, the foundation’s current president, is an historian and former vice president of Howard University. Each year, Winston visits the College to meet with the scholars and check in on their progress, experiences, and academic achievements.

Through this partnership, current and future TCNJ students will live up to Ellen Knowles Harcourt’s expectation that competence and creditable citizenship are within the grasp of motivated young people despite financial distress.