Minutes of Phi Kappa Phi Meeting

April 12, 2000


Present: Debbie Compte, Ed Conjura, Dan Crofts, Neil Greenbaun, Nancy Hingston, Don Lovett, Annemarie Mills, Marcia O'Connell, Aigli Papantonopoulou, Beth Paul, John Pollock.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:
  2. Dr. Papantonopoulou presented a report showing an annual disposable income of approximately $2,000 and savings of $4,735.

  3. Secretary’s Report:

Ms. Mills reported that 71 of the 91 (78%) students nominated have accepted membership. She will send this list along with those who have not yet accepted the nomination to all department chairs and chapter members suggesting they encourage students to consider the nomination.

  1. Graduate Fellowship Awards:
  2. The members voted to present the chapter nominee and national graduate fellowship winner, Michael Verzi, with a $500 cash award.

    A cash award of $250 each will be given to Shawn Gerum and Kevin Weis for honorable mention in the chapter competition.

  3. Faculty Nominees:
  4. Members voted to induct the following faculty for membership in Phi Kappa Phi: Blythe Hinitz (education), Ellen Frede (education), Steve Briggs (Provost and Psychology). Annemarie Mills will inform them of their nomination.

  5. Student-Faculty Research Scholarships:

Members voted not to offer scholarships to the three applicants for fall 2000.

Beth Paul suggested for future promotion of the program to mail letters to all faculty sponsors of student undergraduate research as reported in their annual publication.




Respectfully submitted:



Annemarie V. Mills

Chapter Secretary