Minutes F K F Meeting

October 7, 1998



Present: Georgia Arvanitis, Susan Boughn, Daniel Crofts, Neil Greenbaun, Joanne Gross, Steve Klug, Rita Margraff, Annemarie Mills, Aigli Papantonopoulou, John Pollock, and Jesse Rosenblum,


  1. Treasurer’s Report - R. Margraff distributed the attached report.

  3. Secretary’s Report - A. Mills reported that letters and certificates of congratulations were sent over the summer to freshmen who achieved a 3.5 or higher g.p.a. A. Mills is sending letters to all seniors who have achieved a 3.5 or higher g.p.a. encouraging them to apply for the national graduate fellowship. Applications will be available in Green Hall 207 later this month and are due back by February 1, 1999.

  5. Spring 1998 Student/Faculty Research Scholarships - Members reviewed the language on the call for applications for scholarships and set application deadline for Monday, November 9, 1998. A. Mills will distribute flyers to all faculty requesting their help in notifying students and will place a 1/4 page ad in the Signal. J. Gross, G. Arvanitis, N. Greenbaun, and A. Papantonopoulou volunteered to review the proposals. N. Greenbaun will coordinate additional volunteers to review the proposals which will be availabe for review in Green Hall 207 after November 9th. Members to vote on the number of scholarships to award at the next meeting, December 2, 1998.

  7. Request for nominations from department chairs - G. Arvanitis motioned to amend the letter sent to department chairs requesting nominees, as recommended by S. Klug with changes noted by A. Mills and N. Greenbaun. J. Gross seconded the motion. Members voted unanimously in favor.

  9. Election of Officers - A. Papantonopoulou motioned to continue the year with the current slate of officers. S. Boughn seconded the motion. Members voted unanimously in favor.






NEXT MEETING: DECEMBER 2, 1998, GREEN 107 @ 3:30 P.M.