Present: Amelia Blyden, Ed Conjura, Ellen Friedman, Neil Greenbaun, Steve Klug, Annemarie Mills, Aigli Popontonopoulou, and Jesse Rosenblum.

Graduate Fellowship - A. Mills reported that more than 35 students have requested applications for the national graduate fellowship.

National Scholar and National Artist Awards - Members agreed to nominate students next year due to the lateness of notification of the awards from national.

Student-Faculty Research Scholarship Update - The following members volunteered to judge applications for the three awards: E. Friedman, A. Popontonopoulou, A. Blyden, E. Conjura, and N. Greenbaun. Judges may read applications in Green Hall 207 prior to December 1, 1997. N. Greenbaun will contact judges on December 1st to compile rankings.

Faculty/Staff Nominees for Membership - A. Popontonopoulou moved to nominate the following four faculty nominees for membership: Roy Clouser, Jo-Ann Gross, Beth Paul, and Michael Robertson. A. Blyden seconded the motion. All present voted unanimously in favor of the motion. N. Greenbaun will notify new members.

Election of Officers - S. Klug moved to maintain the current slate of officers. A. Mills announced a vacant position for public relations officer. J. Rosenblum volunteered to serve in the position. E. Conjura seconded motion for current officers plus J. Rosenblum. All present voted unanimously in favor of the motion. A. Mills will notify the national office.

Processional March - N. Greenbaun stated he received a copy of the processional march on compact disk. A. Mills proposed using it at this year’s induction ceremony if it sounds good. N. Greenbaun will preview and forward it to A. Mills.