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Minutes of the Quantitative Reasoning Advisory Committee


Date: Wednesday, December 29, 2006

Place: Science Complex Room SC-P232


In Attendance:

Bob Anderson

Ed Conjura                  

Theresa Nakra

Beth Paul

Dan Phillips

Sharon Sherman

Ursula Wolz


  1. There was a nomination and second to appoint Ed Conjura committee chair. No other nominations were made. Ed accepted the position.


  1. Scheduled meeting dates for the Spring semester are:

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday April 18, 2007

Meetings will be held at 3:00PM in the Mathematics and Statistics Conference Room in Science Complex Room P-232.

  1. Ed Conjura will work on setting up a web site for the committee.


  1. It was recommend and approved by the committee that Paula Maas be invited to serve ex-officio on the committee. In particular, she would serve as a resource concerning assessment of the TCNJ QR learning goals. Paula was contacted and she has agreed to serve.


  1. A tentative agenda was set for the Wednesday, January 31, 2007 meeting. Each committee member is asked to review and become familiar with each of the following:


    1. TCNJ Goals and Outcomes for QR (can be found at the following URL)
    1. Mathematical Association of America Report on QR
    1. Become familiar with definitions of Quantitative Reasoning and Quantitative Literacy
    • (Some possible definitions can be found at the following URLs)
      •  (Note: I believe this publication mentions the conference Dan went to)


 (Note: If someone can explain to me what the statistician’s definition

of QR means, I’d appreciate it)


4. Become familiar with what some other colleges and universities are doing in QR in order to make evaluations of where TCNJ is in the QR spectrum

QR at Brooklyn College

QR at Skidmore College

Gen Ed and QR at Clarion University

(QR is a link off of the above page)

    1. We will be using three courses (one developed by Dave Reimer and two developed by Ursula Wolz) as case studies in the development of guidelines to be followed by those submitting courses for approval as achieving TCNJ Goals and Objectives for QR. Ursula and David have been asked to distribute electronic copies of course proposals that specifically identify reasons why they should be approved for QR designation and also to identify (if possible) what other, if any, QR courses/experiences the intended audience for the courses will have during their course of study at TCNJ. Both Ursula and David have been asked to distribute requested information at least one week in advance of the January 31st meeting.



Quantitative Reasoning Advisory Committee

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