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Minutes of the Quantitative Reasoning Advisory Committee

 The College of New Jersey  

Wednesday, April 18, 2006


Place:Science Complex Room SC-P232


In attendance: Bob Anderson , Ed Conjura , Orlando Hernandez , Teresa Nakra , Dan Phillips , Dave Reimer, Ursula Wolz , Andrea Salgian (visiting)

Group discussions:
- Group discussed experiences filling the QR Course Application Form.

- There is difficulty with the Assessment section. This section needs to be clarified. It is assessment of student learning.

- The Assessment Plan is a way for the faculty to reflect on the course.

- The group needs to answer to what level of detail does the form need to filled and provide an example.

- The form needs to have sections for a description of the course as it appears in the bulletin and an extended description of the course.

- Add explicit directions about attaching course information like the syllabus to the form.

Orlando J. Hernandez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Image Processing & Understanding Lab
The College of New Jersey
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