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QRAC Committee

April 30, 2008 Minutes


Present: Bob Anderson, Ed Conjura, Orlando Hernandez, Paula Maas, Teresa Nakra, Dave Reimer, John Ruscio, Sharon Sherman, Ursula Wolz


Ed Conjura recorded the minutes.

  1. The meeting was called to order by Ed Conjura at 3:15 p.m.
  2. The entire meeting was spent brainstorming about what can be done during fall 2008 and spring 2009 to raise consciousness at TCNJ about the importance of QR and the role it should play in the overall education of our students (and faculty).


Items and Possible Activities Discussed:


-Push to have those responsible think more about the role of QR in academic concentrations


-PR Activities involving external speakers, giveaways, workshops, luncheons


      Fall 2008 Forum (October)  Topic/Theme = Voting


     Spring 2008 Forum (????) Topic/Theme = ?? [possible themes

                                                                                Physical/Mental Health

                                                                                Environmental Issues

                                                                                Financial Mathematics

                                                                                (e.g. pricing of asset classes:

                                                                                  energies, currencies, metals, etc.)

                                                                                The Mathematics of Politics

                                                                                 (e.g. apportionment, polls, etc.) ]


Follow-up activities: Respondents to speaker

                                  Related job possibilities


                                  Connection of theme to QR


-Continued/Long-Term QR Activities


    Broaden current list of QR courses

             (suggest courses/topics: Personal Finance, Fair Division, Voting, Games)


   Connects to QR

             (not just a QR course, but possible role QR could play in any course)



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