All About SAL

Networking and Technologies in Information Management is pleased to announce the availability of SAL (Software from Any Location).

Below are some common questions regarding SAL and Information Management’s responses.

What is SAL and what will it do for me?

SAL (Software from Any Location) is an application launcher that will allow you to use software programs right at your desktop that were previously only available in the computer labs. Your students will also have access to these same programs from any computer lab or from their dorm room (if they are connected to

I’m interested – how do I get SAL?

In order to begin using SAL, you should be using Windows 2000 or XP on your computer. You must also have a NOVELL network account. To use SAL, you must login to the network. Once you log into the network, go to your START menu, then up to SAL Applications. Once you select SAL applications, a Z.E.N. Works Application Launcher window will appear on your screen.

Once SAL has completed downloading the appropriate files, you will receive a window that looks similar to this:

The first time you select a program from the SAL Application window, files will be downloaded to your computer that will enable you to run that program. Each time after the initial execution of the program, the files are on your pc and won’t need to be downloaded again.

If at any time you experience problems running a SAL application, please right click on the application name and select verify. This will download any required files again (as if it were the first time) and should correct most problems. If you still experience problems, contact the Help Desk at X2660.

As always, you have an option to expand, minimize or close the SAL window. Also, anything within the SAL window with a + sign next to it indicates that there are more folders or programs within that group. Clicking all the + signs and expanding the window to show all programs available will look something like this:

To use any of the programs, simply click on the appropriate program. If you have problems getting into the program, call the Help Desk at X2660. If you have trouble once you are in the program, use the online help that is available within each program.

What other changes, if any, should I anticipate?

Changes should be minimal. You may need to change drive letters, particularly if you use shortcuts on your desktop. If you experience any problems, please contact the Help Desk at X2660.

I don’t have a NOVELL account. How can I get one?

Faculty and Staff:

Visit the Help Desk in Green Hall, Room 6 and ask for a NOVELL application. We will forward your request to the Network Administrator who will generate an account for you.


All currently enrolled students are granted a Novell account by default, just like Unix email accounts. Check for your account at the TCNJ Account Management System home page and follow the instructions there.

I noticed the LABData icon and would like to store information on the file server and allow my students access to these files. How can I do that?

Call the Help Desk at X2660. We will log a call into our problem management system that will be forwarded to your academic coordinator.

If you have additional questions, please call the Help Desk at X2660.