DID Assignment Tracking
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Getting started on this assignment      Check DID assignment due dates here.
This table tracks student DID assignments as they are submitted.  
Contact me if anything on this chart is incorrect. Each numbered column refers to one of the
    11 individual assignments which lead to the completion of the DID activity. Each one
    is briefly described at the bottom of this page. Complete details can be reviewed here.

Seminars A & B - Tracking Pages

           Individual Assignments and Brief Description - Click here for all assignment details

1    Problem Statement
2    Time Line of important events and discoveries
3    Key Terms & definitions
( include important persons ) 
4    References - at least 10 per person - 5 web and 5 library ( books or journals )
        Use any standard bibliographic style
5    Preliminary Paper Outline -
( 1st and 2nd levels )
6    Public Policy Issues - description and dates
7    Key Ethical Issues - description and dates
8    Detailed Paper Outline -
( 3rd level )
Draft Presentation outline
10  Final Power Point Outline & Power Point Slides
11  Final Paper Outline
12  Final Project Due