DID Team Meetings with Dr. Edelbach
                    Dr. Edelbach's SET page                           Revised: 06 September, 2013 09:57 PM

1.  Be prepared to meet at the times indicated below to meet and discuss progress on your DID team project..
        If you will be late or unable to attend the meeting, you MUST let your team and Dr. Edelbach know
        before the meeting time by phone ( 609/771-2783 ) or e-mail ( edelbach@tcnj.edu )
        See "Seminar Schedule" to determine when during the semester the team meetings will be held. 
2.  Each team member MUST bring ALL DID-related materials to this meeting including printouts of all
        materials on DID web pages and ALL DID MATERIALS  PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED.

3.  Any new information or changes to materials previously submitted must be given to
       Dr. Edelbach at this meeting. Keep one copy for your own files.
4.  Teams must coordinate their activities PRIOR to this meeting and decide who is
      going to be responsible for each portion of this assignment
5.  Meetings will take place in Dr. Edelbach's office, AR 101 M
6.  Make certain to arrive AT LEAST 10 MINUTES PRIOR to the scheduled meeting time for your team.

Group Meeting Time - A Meeting Time - B


8:00 10:00


8:10 10:10
GED 1 8:20 10:20
GED 2 8:30 10:30
BGE 1 8:40 10:40
BGE 2 8:50 10:50
PECC 1 9:00 11:00
PECC 2 9:10 11:10