DID Team Assignment - Sections A & B
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Each person on a team should develop a sub-topic/problem in their assigned area to investigate for this assignment and come to class on Friday prepared to discuss it with their team-mates. In order to insure that an appropriate sub-topic is proposed, each student will find one web article related to their proposed sub-topic, print it out and bring it to class on Friday. Be prepared to briefly describe your sub topic to the class.

After each group discusses their various potential sub-topics, they will select one to share with Dr. Edelbach. Both a brief description of the problem selected and an outline of the major issues to be researched for the paper should be prepared and shared.  This material is to be sent via e-mail to each team member and Dr. Edelbach by Thursday, Sep 7. 

The dates by which various parts of this assignment are to be completed can be reviewed at:
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     Team Assignments -

Section A - T/F  8:30 to 9:50

Section B - T/F  10:00 to 11:20