Getting Started  (DID assignment)

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Review all DID materials related this assignment.  Each DID team  should plan to meet before the scheduled group meetings with me . The group meetings will take place during a regular seminar time slot.  Check to see whether each assignment is to be submitted by the entire TEAM or each INDIVIDUAL MEMBER.     General DID information can be reviewed here.   Submit each assignment via email before the due date and in class as well.

It is CRITICAL that each member of the team communicate with other members as various assignments are completed. That is the only way to insure that there is no duplication of effort.

You must copy all DID materials submitted to me AS WELL AS all other team members.

Make certain to put the REQUIRED  info in the "Subject" line of each email related to the DID assignment.     
SET - B - CAI 2 - Key Terms

SUB-TOPIC - Each team will be assigned a "sub-topic" related to their topic area. Students will be divided up into teams based on the topic area in which they expressed interest on the SET Student Information form completed in the first class. I attempted to put each student in their # 1 area of interest although that wasn't always possible.

1.  PS - Problem Statement  - In order to begin this assignment, your team needs to discuss the direction your investigation will take and draft a statement which describes the MAJOR ISSUES related to your subtopic and how you will go about researching it.  

Each team member needs to identify which portion of the assignment they will complete. For example, If there are 3 students in a group, one person should typically research the HISTORICAL aspect of the sub-topic, another the PRESENT period of the sub-topic and the third its probable FUTURE direction. If there are not 3 students in your group, research the same 3 segments but divide up the work to fit the group size. Make certain to cover the key areas of debate or controversy involved with this issue.  This should not take more than two paragraphs.   ONE STATEMENT PER TEAM. Make certain to identify the year a period begins as well as when it ends.

    Check the links under each of these subtopics for more information to help when you develop your team's PS-
Computers & Artificial Intelligence       
Work and Economic Development
        Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
        Population, Energy, and Climate Change

Three Key Issues/Questions -
Each team should also develop 3 KEY ISSUES/QUESTIONS related to their subtopic. These questions should focus on major debates or issues  existing today and related to the subtopic. One way to find out what issues are important today is to search the websites of a few major newspapers for your team's subtopic. For example, the future supply of energy would be one possible issue/question related to the energy area.

     Your team should also specify what time periods will be covered by each person in their portion of the report. The past, present and future usually works best if there are 3 team members.

2.  TL - Time Line - A time-line of important events/discoveries related to your group's sub-topic is to be developed.  Identify how subsequent discoveries build upon previous ones. Include a brief description of each event along with the names of key people. When discussing important events both in the paper and during your team's presentation, MAKE CERTAIN  to mention and include either the date or era of the event and any key people connected with it. 

3.  KT & D - Key Words/Terms  - While researching  the preliminary references, compile a list of key words and terms related to your group's sub-topic and define them. Search these words as well as the assigned sub-topic when developing your preliminary references. Each team MUST review the Key Words listed at the beginning of EACH ARTICLE in the section of the SET text related to their subtopic although each one does not have to be included in the list developed for this assignment. All text readings in your team's topic area should be reviewed.

4.  REF -Preliminary References - Each person in the group is to compile a list of at least 10 references ( 5 web and 5 books or journals) related to their sub-topic. There should be no duplication of references in a team. Each team member should e-mail their list in a standard bibliographic format to me and your team mates by the due date for this assignment. All of the articles in the SET text related to each team's subtopic must be reviewed although they are not to be included in the list of 10 required references. Include a sentence explaining what the web site listed covers relative to your sub-topic.

5.  STATS - Statistics & Data - There is always relevant statistical data related to a subtopic that should be considered when preparing your team's report and also, in many cases, included in the final paper and presentation. This information might include for example the average amount of energy consumed in different types of countries in the world, the number of  workers who have been laid off in major job categories as a result of automation over the past 50 years and other similar statistics. You are not to submit the actual statistical data at this time, ONLY indicate the type of information and where it was found in a standard bibliographic form.
For example, an initial list of statistics/data for a report on energy should include the production and consumption of oil in key countries of the world or jobs losses in different categories of jobs
Tables or graphs are usually the best way to present this type of information in both the paper and report.

6 PPO - Preliminary Paper Outline - Using the information gathered in the previous steps, put together a draft outline of your team's sub-topic. This outline should be detailed to the SECOND LEVEL.

7 PPI - Public Policy Issues - Technological developments are often associated with debates and battles over their possible impact on society. Many of the current discussions over newly-emerging technologies revolve around whether something should be permitted or not. Put together a list of all important public policy issues related to your group's sub-topic including laws and regulations either considered or adopted which impacts that technology.

8.   KEI - Key Ethical Issues - Each team needs to consider and briefly discuss the relevant key ethical issues related to their area of investigation.   

9.  DPO - Draft Presentation Outline - This outline should briefly describe each slide to be used in each person's portion of the team's presentation along with the appropriate time to be spent on each one as well as which team member will be doing which part of the presentation. Presentation information

10.  DPPS - Draft PowerPoint Slides - Based on # 9 above, the team's PowerPoint slides should be designed and developed. It is very likely that these slides will need to be modified after I review them. DO NOT PUT TOO MANY WORDS ON EACH SLIDE.  Make certain to review the SAMPLE PP slides HERE prior to completing this portion of the DID assignment. 

11.  FPPO / PPS - Final PP Outline and PP Slides - This will be a detailed outline of content slide narrative and slide layout. Indicate approximate time slide will be one screen.  Provide a print-out of your slides, 6 to a page.

12.  FPO - Final Paper Outline - A final outline should be compiled and used when developing the paper's table of contents. 

It is IMPERATIVE that each of the above steps be completed in the order shown and approved by me. No team will be permitted to give their presentation unless that is done. 

You should check the Assignment Tracking page periodically to make certain all of the required work has been submitted, reviewed and APPROVED.

Teams MUST give me the FINAL PP file at least 3 days PRIOR to the date scheduled for their presentation or the presentation will be cancelled. If a member of your team does not complete any portion of this assignment on time, the other team members should submit their work and tell me about the problem. Each person is responsible for their portion of this assignment.

Let me know ASAP if you have any questions.