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Student "Welcome" letter


A. First Class Agenda Tips and suggestions for a successful semester in SET    
Information Sheets Intro-Survey (completed in first class)

B. Learning Strategies - Reading & Note Taking Strategies   

C. Seminar Topics - Linked to each item below are related web sites. All the links might not all be active nor are they to be considered the "best" or only sources you should
check for information. Please let me know if you find some links which do not work.

As TCNJ students, you don't need me to direct you to specific sites related to your DID sub-topic. You should "Google" any of the key terms found in the SET text or
discovered through your research.

Each student MUST REVIEW the articles in the text related to their DID sub-topic PRIOR to beginning to work on the DID assignment 

Some selected websources related to topics -

1. Historical Perspectives of Technology
2. Social Perspectives of Technology
3. Ethical Perspectives of Technology
4. Computers and Artificial Intelligence
5. Globalization and Economic Development
6. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
7. Population, Energy, and Climate Change

D. Seminar Information

1. Schedule
2. Bibliography
3. E-mail Information
4. Grading Information
5. Reading Assignments
6. Seating chart - Class A Class B
7. Submitting Assignments - general information
8. Student Information Survey
9. Syllabus

E.  Discovery / Invention / Design Assignment Information

F.  Ethical Case Analysis Assignment Information

G.  Quiz and Examination Information - Your quiz and exam grades will be posted on-line using your PAWS ID Number
              You can find that number by reviewing this TUTORIAL  

H.  Liberal Learning Video Library

I. Text - "Society, Ethics, and Technology" M. Winston and R. Edelbach, 2012, Updated Fourth Edition, Wadsworth Cengage Learning
( Royalties from SET books sold in TCNJ bookstore are donated by the authors to the TCNJ Scholarship Fund - Table of Contents

I am making every attempt to reduce the number of sheets of paper distributed in this class and to minimize the number of pages you have to print out. This is being done in the interest of conserving both limited funds and natural resources. It is up to you to read the required material I have posted on-line and to submit the required work ON TIME. If that is not possible you MUST contact me and explain what is happening. Not doing that will result in a grade reduction. It is your responsibility to get in touch with me either via email at  or phone at 609-771-2783 if an assignment will be late and tell me when it will be submitted. PLAN AHEAD! 

Remember, ORGANIZATION is the KEY to LIFE. . . . .at least I think it is!