SET  E-Mail Etiquette    
                        Dr. Edelbach                   Revised: 08/19/2013

Please keep the following rules in mind when sending e-mails in this class.

    1.   Start each "Subject" field with -  SET A (or B, depending on your SET section)
          Make certain to always include a few key words relating to the message in the "Subject" field such as:

                "Subject" Example
-     SET A-DID, BT2, PP outline
 You will be notified if some other subject line information is required.

    2.  If you are sending something to , make certain that the message is intended for everyone on the list.
        These messages will be SENT TO ALL STUDENTS in both of my SET classes.
If the message is personal, please send it only to the correct person/s or me at  . 
Do not hit either "reply" or "reply all" without checking to see to whom the message will be sent.

    3.  Always include your name and SET section, either "A" (8:30 class)  or "B" (10:00 class) in any e-mails sent in this class.

    4.  Anytime your DID team sends e-mails, MAKE CERTAIN to include your team's name such as BT  #1 and COPY each of your team members as well.

    5.  If you attach a MSWord file to an e-mail, make certain it has all the required information on it in a header such as the date, your name and section, name of the assignment, etc. Only MSWord.doc or .docx  files are acceptable for assignments. 

    7.  It is expected that all email exchanges will be conducted in a civil and respectful manner. No "venting" is acceptable. Check the addressees and content of your emails carefully BEFORE hitting the "Send" button.

    8.  If you drop this course, you can remove yourself from the SET list by following directions here


SET Email Archives -
All emails sent to any AFT list are archived. Unfortunately, "Mailman", the program which archives emails, is not convenient to use the first time.

The first thing which must be done is to get the password "Mailman" assigns to you for that list.

This is done by sending an email to

The word "password" should be in the "Subject" line, without the quote marks, and the body of the email be left blank.

Your PW will be automatically sent to you by "Mailman."

                         MSWord File Formatting

When preparing work in MSWord, please follow these guidelines:

    1.  Make certain to put your name, class designation and date in a header on all pages submitted. This is done under the "View" pull-down menu..

    2.  Put page numbers in a footer if more than one page is submitted.

    3.  Include the assignment name as well as any other pertinent information.

    4.  Assign a descriptive name to the file to make it easy for me to identify.

    5.  Do not put in blank extra line spaces or "hard" returns. Change the "paragraph" spacing in the "Format" pull-down menu in order to do that.