Ethics Case Analysis – Revised

Society, Ethics and Society ( IDS 252 )
Dr. Edelbach
Fall, 2014


Overview of Ethics Assignment -

1.    View CBS’s “60 Minutes” video, “Breeding Out Disease.”  (Oct 26, 2014) 

2.    Prepare an overview of the video capturing major points presented and making certain to include the ethical issues raised as well as the implications for addressing genetic issues other than major medical conditions and diseases. (maximum length – 3 pages)

3.    Locate four recent on-line articles from either newspapers, journals or other reputable sources discussing the process and ethics of PGD. Briefly give an overview of their key points. List articles in your works cited section. (maximum length – 2 pages)

4.    Using the material assigned in the “Applying Moral Theories” book, identify two of the principles most relevant to the PGD process and select the one most appropriate to support your view of whether that process is permissible or not. Explain your rationale for making that choice.
Use footnotes as required in this section using either the APA or MLA citation style.
(maximum length – 4 pages)

   Paper submitted as a MSW file  -  Seminar 27 - Dec. 5  (last day of class)

Paper format  - single spaced, 11 point type, page numbers and normal margins

Title Page  -  all normally required information

Table of Contents  -  sections listed with page numbers

Overview of video (divided into sections as appropriate)

Overview of four articles (divided into sections as appropriate)

Ethical analysis  -  discussion of the ethical issues
(divided into sections as appropriate)

Bibliography/Works Cited