Ethics Case Analysis Assignment
       Fall 2013
10/20/2013 10:35

Assignment Due Dates:   see below for details about each section of this paper.

   Preliminary Materials - to be submitted on the following dates via email as MSW file and hard copy in class.             

Chapter I   -  Introduction -     Fri, Nov 1
        Chapter II  -  Issues  -        Tue, Nov 12   
        Chapter III -  Options -        Fri, Nov 22  

    Final Paper Due Date   - Friday, Dec 6   -  Last day of class - MSW file ONLY! 
          The final paper is to be submitted ONLY AS A MSW FILE before the class meets on the due date

Ethics Case Assignments - put name of your case on all work submitted
   along with other required information

Ethic Case Details -

     Case 1 - Embryonic Stem Cell Research
     Case 2 - Genetically Engineered Crops
     Case 3 - Loss of Manufacturing Jobs?