Dr. Edelbach's Mid Term Exam Info
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The mid-term exam study questions, are designed to assist students in preparing for this exam.

Sixty percent (60%) of the points on the mid-term will be drawn from this list of items.

There will  be one critical essay (CE) and two short essays (SE) for that portion of the exam.

Information contained in the CE items may be used in the SE items as well.

The other part of the exam will be comprised of multiple-choice items and short answer questions drawn primarily from READINGS and SEMINAR PRESENTATIONS.

The short answer items will be similar to those on the reading quizzes.

The mid-term will cover materials in the first three topic areas:  Historical Perspectives, Social Perspectives and Ethical Perspectives.  

It is strongly suggested that you review the "Focus Questions" at the beginning of each assigned reading in the Society, Ethics and Technology reader ( assigned readings ) as well as the assigned readings themselves in order to be prepared for the exam.

Material included in the assigned readings from "Applying Moral Theories" book will also be included in this exam.

If you have any questions after consulting all relevant sources, contact me.

Unlike the reading quizzes, neither notes nor the text are to be used when taking the mid-term exam.