Computers and Information Technology

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   General Information

Center for Democracy and Technology

  Privacy / Security

EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Center

Americans for Computer Privacy

Your Right to Privacy (ACLU)

Privacy in America - timeline

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Institute for Global Communications ( IGC )

Computer Security

How secure is the cloud

Internet privacy

The Potential of Electronic Money for Social Good

Privacy and security on the internet

PGP - Pretty Good Privacy


Enigma Cipher Machine - Germany, WW II

Alan Turing - Cryptanalysis - The Enigima War

Enigma and the Bombe

   Computers & Artificial Intelligence

Early control mechanisms - Jacquard looms, music boxes, etc
    Operating Jacquard looms -  Family Heirloom Weavers, Red Lion, PA
    Music boxes -     

History of the Computer

Alan Turing Home Page

"Turing Test"  Home Page

Have a conversation with A.L.I.C.E.

ENIAC - The First Computer 



                    General Info on Robots      

                    Industrial Robots             

                    Robot History     


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