Historical Perspectives

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History of Technology

Fire Piston Technology
Technology and Human Responsibility

Society for the History of Technology

History of Science, Technology and Medicine -


Anthropology Course Notes
- University of Georgia
Henry Ford Museum Online

World History Information

Worldwatch Institute

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Discussion of Films and Books

Books on Technology and Society

Science and Technology Home Page

Society for the History of Technology

Bibliography -History of Science and Technology

2001 - A discussion of the film

Beginner's Guide to Research in the History of

Science and the Industrial Revolution

Human Nature and Technology

Unabomber Information
Unabomber Manifesto (Washington Post)

Impact of Technology on Everything

Unabomber Manifesto (Hot Wired)

Brain Development

Human Biology Course - Leeds, U.K.

Evidence for Evolution

Field Museum of Natural History

Guided Tour Through Hunterian Museum (U.K.)

Computer-aided Skull Reconstructions

Out of Africa - Human Evolution

The Scientific Evidence for the Origin of Humankind

Fossil Man

Jury-rigged Designs in Nature

Information Resources in Primatology

Industrial Revolution - bibliography

Creating Solutions: Design/Problem Solving

Leonardo da Vinci - master inventor/artist
Lateral Thinking Problems

Puzzler's Paradise

"Lateral Thinking for Management" Edward de Bono

Lateral Thinking Questions

What is lateral thinking?

de Bono Information

National Center for Creative Thinking

World Center for New Thinking

"The Ascent of Mind" W. H. Calvin

Technology Review

Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Industrial Design School of Sweden

Centre for Design at RMIT, Victoria, Australia

London Science Museum

Consortium on Green


The Creativity Web Page

York University, Toronto, Canada

Creativity Cafe
Glasgow School of Art - 1995 Product 
     Design Degree Show

Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing Lab

Leonardo da Vinci Museum

Rec.humor.funny Home Page



Lateral Thinking Problem 007

The Right Side of the Web

Creativity Home Page

Puzzlers' Paradise - Riddles, etc.


Resources for the Future

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