Population and Environment
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Topic Web References
        The True Cost of Bottled Water
        The True Environmental Cost of Fiji Water

General Information

World Resources Institute
Center for Environmental Health
Industrial Agriculture
The Nuts Game: A Concise Commons Dilemma Analog   (Jan 2008)

Population and Environment 
Human Genome Project   - U.S. Government Site
Planned Parenthood Web Page
Human Genome Project
National Human Genome Research Institute
Ethical Issues of the HGP

National Center for Biotechnology Information

A Map of the Human Genome
The Human Population Growth -  Impact on Food Supply and Health
Zero Population Growth
World Bank - Population Issues

Paul Ehrlich and the Population Bomb

U. S. Population Clock

World Population Clock


Institute for Suitable Development

World Government Site

The Earth Times

Population Research Center, Princeton Univ

Green Crossroads International

Social Science - Population

Population Page
Energy Issues

            State Incentives for Renewable & Alternative Energy
            Consumer Energy Tax Incentives - Department of Energy
          Renewable Energy Rebates
            Coal River Mountain Watch
International Energy Agency
The Real Cost of Gasoline
The True Cost of Corn Ethanol

            True Cost of Fossil Fuels
            The Real Cost of Fossil Fuels
            Coal is Clean - REALLY?
            What is "Clean Coal?"    Slate
            Energy Information Association|
            The Myth of "Clean Coal"

            Clean Coal could create millions of jobs - AFL/CIO

Energy from the Sun
            Solar Tribune - News, analysis, education  Solar Home Guide
            Solar Energy Monitoring Systems
            Solar Tracking Systems   
            Spanish Solar Tower Project
            Thermo-electric Power System 
            Solar Shingles
            Beyond Solar Panels   
            Solar Power - General Information
            Solar Panel Maker Moves Manufacturing to China NY Times, Jan 14, 2011
            Sunpower - Solar Systems
            Solar Energy Technology Program - US Department of Energy
            How Solar Cells Work
            Solar PowerAbout My Planet

Energy from the Wind

Bill Moyer's "NOW" Program - Dec 13, 2002 - Segment on wind power
Illustrated History of Wind Power
Sustainable Minnesota
Wind Power Monthly
Danish Windpower Manufacturers
World Watch Press Release on Wind Power
What Would Jesus Drive?  Not an S.U.V.
Vehicle Fuel Economy - U.S. Government
Nuclear Energy Institute ( pro-nuclear US website )
Nuclear Power Nears Peak
(World Watch Institute)
Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory
Home Page
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Environmental Energy Technologies Division
Critical Mass Energy Project

Energy Quest
(general info about energy)

Geothermal Power Information

Clean Geothermal Power

Environmental Quality
Coal River Mountain Watch
Global Warming: The Signs and the Science  ( PBS Video - Nov 2005 )
Alliance for Sustainability
Center for Environmental Initiatives

Kyoto Protocol 
 ( Summary )
Global Warming - Fact or Fiction

Science and Environmental Policy Project
(Lots of good info)
EPA Global Warming Site

Global Climate Change: Kyoto Protocol & Related Negotiations

Congressional Research Service Briefing Book

Global Warming - Yeoman's Site

Environmental Protection Agency
(U.S. Gov)

Environmental Research Foundation

Resources for the Future

American Lands Alliance

World Watch Organization

World Trade and the Environment

MAI and the Environment

Corporations and Climate Change

Do We Consume Too Much?

Rainforest Action Network

Environmental Virtual Library

Basic Liberal Rights - The Right to Environment

Ethics and the Environment - NSF

International Society for Environmental Ethics

Environment Technical Information Project

Earth Site & Earth Magna Charta

Environmental Virtual Library

Basic Liberal Rights - The Right to Environment

Ethics and the Environment - NSF

International Society for Environmental Ethics

National Environmental Trust

National Association of Manufacturers
- anti regulation positions

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