Seminar Topics

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Web sites related to each topic and sub-topic are listed below. All the links might not all be active nor are they to be considered
the "best" or only sources you should check for information. Please inform me if a link does not work.

To the extent possible, you will be assigned to your first choice of a topic area, 4 through 7,  for the DID activity.

As students at TCNJ, you don't need to be directed to specific web sites related to your DID sub-topic.
You can "Google" any of the key terms found in the SET text and discovered through your research.

However, you MUST REVIEW the TEXT READINGS related to your sub-topic PRIOR to beginning to work on the DID assignment. 

       General Topics -
  Historical Perspectives of Technology
  Social Perspectives of Technology
            3.  Ethical Perspectives of Technology

DID Team Topics - sub-topics will be specified for each DID

            4.  Computers and Artificial Intelligence

            5.  Globalization and Economic Development

  Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

  Population, Energy, and Climate Change