Submitting Assignments   
            Dr, Edelbach    (  08/20/2012      13:11  )

All assignments are to be submitted ONLY in MSWord format.   (  ????.doc  or ?????.docx )

All material submitted MUST contain the following information. :

    A.  MSWord Files - Although it is easier to set up a "header" in MSWord and use that when preparing any assignments, 
            you can enter the required information each time you begin an assignment. Either way,

      1.  Before beginning to type anything, select the "header and footer" 
                command to put your name and date at the top of each page
          2.  Put the following information on the first page of the assignment
date the work is being submitted, not when it was prepared
                Course:  SET - IDS 252    Dr. Edelbach
                SET Section:  
either A ( 8:30)    or    B ( 10:00 )
                Team name and designation:   example:   DID - Privacy - CIT 2
               DID Section if appropriate:  Past, Present, Future or ????
                Name of Assignment:  "Draft paper outline" or whatever is appropriate
  Version - for revisions to assignments such as PP presentations
                        (  Example - in MSWord )
         3.  Click "close" on the pop-up bar to return to the normal MSWord page and begin typing
         4.  PAGE NUMBERS MUST be included on any assignment submitted with more than one page.
              This can be done automatically in MSW
         5.  Staple all sheets securely together BEFORE coming to class 

    B.  Assigning File Names -  Follow this example when assigning a name to any MSW file of a SET assignment being submitted
Example:    Jones-B-CAI 2-PP V1.docx    DID assignments shown here
Last Name-Assigment-group-specific assignment and version ) Substitute the appropriate information for your MSW files
If the team is submitting the assignment, DO NOT include an individual student's name in the file name, use
                      the team designation instead.

   C.  E-Mail - Make certain to put the following information in the "Subject:" box when sending
                 an email to me.
Any email not including this information may not be read!
             Review more information on email requirement
 ( SET-
Section-groups-specific assignment ) Substitute the appropriate information for your emails 
Make certain to COPY ALL TEAM MEMBERS on ALL DID emails sent to me

   Line and Paragraph Spacing in MSWord