Using the World Wide Web

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This page was estabished to help you learn to use and enjoy the world wide web. In "surf talk" this is referred to as "hanging ten." Care must be exercised to avoid becoming addicted to riding the waves as it is easy to be lured into the sense of adventure and spend countless hours exploring the many fascinating links available.

As you discover interesting sites, please pass them along to either Drs. Winston or Edelbach or let a seminar instructor know what you found. By that means, others will be able to share that resource. Thanks for the help and have fun.

At the top of the "Netscape Navigator" screen, is a button labeled "Search." If you are using another version of Netscape or some other program, look for something similar to "search." Clicking on that button will take you to the Netscape Search page with a lot of information and sites to check out. It is constantly changing and you should look at frequently to find new things. They will introduce you to the myriad of things that are available to assist you. The college's home page also has information on how to use this resource most effectively.

There are many souces for help contained on the WWW at no charge - FREE!!!! If you want to become proficient at using the Web, take advantage of that information.

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

  1. Places to look for info on the Web
  2. Netscape Navigator Search Page
  3. Netscape Home Page
  4. EFF's Guide to the Internet - Nothing fancy but interesting info!
  5. Netscape - What's Cool - New Sites -

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