Fall Update 6: 10/4/2011

Meeting Minutes [PDF]

Developing critical path chart (primliminary chart completed)
Still cleaning the solar boat office (starting to look a bit better...)
Electrical meeting (10/5/2011 tentative)
Mechanical meeting (10/6/2011)
Possible solar panel breakthrough! (fingers crossed)

Steve V. (Captain)
Continuing propeller design research
Getting up and running with OpenProp & SolidWorks

Steve S. (Manager)
Received RS232/USB Serial to TTL adapters
Researching proximity sensors to measure boat incline
Still searching through old sensors (still looking for current sensors)
Getting a developement environment up and running (AVR Studio)

Working with LabVIEW for motor controller simulations
Still reading "Motor Control Electronics Handbook"
Still preparing for DC Motor Testing (looking for a dynamometer)

Difficulties opening endurance drive train (contacting alumni)
Shifting focus to drag research
Waiting on inclinometer
Amazon account for pictures almost full already. Doing some clean-up

Difficulties opening sprint drive train (contacting alumni)
Steering research