at The College of New Jersey

What is the mission of the Adaptive Technology Center for NJ Colleges?

The mission of the ATCNJC is to increase the opportunities for college students who have disabilities to meet the academic demands of college through access to appropriate technology tools.

How can technology help college students who have disabilities?

Technology can assist college students with the tasks of:


writing papers;

accessing information on the internet;

communicating with faculty and other students;

reading textbooks.

What does the Adaptive Technology Center for NJ Colleges do?

Disseminates information through a website and printed newsletter, TECH-NJ, which highlights state-of-the-art software, hardware, and assistive devices;

Operates an adaptive technology lending program for NJ colleges and post-secondary institutions;

Provides outreach and training to faculty, staff, and students at colleges and universities around the state.


The Adaptive Technology Center for New Jersey Colleges is funded by the Special Needs Grant Program

of the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education.


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