PAC Mate with Jaws® for Pocket PC Technology

The PAC Mate displayed on a table

In October 2002, Freedom Scientific introduced their newest product, the PAC Mate. The PAC Mate functions as a portable computer and personal digital assistant for people who are blind. It combines Microsoft Pocket PC technology with the JAWS screen reader. It runs on the Microsoft Windows CE operating system and is capable of converting objects and text to speech so users who are blind can hear documents, images and Web content. The PAC Mate integrates with desktop software and other Pocket PC devices to make data exchange fast and convenient. This exchange can be done simply with infrared wireless transfer. Blind users can easily take notes and keep track of appointments in real time.

The PAC Mate is ideal for those who are already familiar with PC applications or have a desire to learn Windows applications.

PAC Mate is available with Braille and QWERTY-style keyboards. The next release of the PAC Mate will also offer refreshable Braille options.

The PAC Mate is priced at $2,595. This includes the carrying case but does not include a modem for internet access. The optional modem of choice will be $119 (56K or Ethernet). Trade-in discounts of up to $800 are available, as well as discounts for purchases of three or more units.

For more information about the PAC Mate, go to the Freedom Scientific website at

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