Dana by AlphaSmart

Picture of the DanaThe Dana keyboard combines the affordability of a handheld device with the benefits of a notebook computer. Dana features Palm™ OS, giving users access to more than 10,000 Palm applications. The Palm™ OS features are enhanced by a full-size keyboard and a screen that is 3.5 times wider than the typical handheld screen. Data can be entered using the keyboard or by writing with the Dana stylus directly onto the screen.

With Dana, as with the AlphaSmart 3000, users can print directly to their USB or IrDA-enabled printer and easily exchange files with many popular computer applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. The Dana is expandable. It comes with two Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard-compatible slots so users can add memory and devices, backup data, and more.

For $399.99 the Dana package includes the Dana, a rechargeable battery pack, AC adapter, CD-ROM with Palm™ Desktop software, additional applications, fonts and other bonus software, USB cable, Getting Started Guide and stylus.

More information is available at www.alphasmart.com

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