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for Americans with Disabilities

By: Orah Raia

July 26, 2000 marked the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In celebration of this milestone, the Presidential Task Force on Employment of Adults with Disabilities created a web site, www.disAbility.gov, to provide one-stop online access to resources, services, and information available throughout the Federal government related to people with disabilities. The focus is on government resources and therefore users will not be linked to the many other sites that exist on the internet which provide disability resources. The benefit to this is the absence of advertisers; the drawback is a limited listing of resources.

However, given this limitation, the site does provide a wealth of information concerning issues in disabilities. There are nine major categories to explore:






Income Support


Community Life

Civil Rights

Each of these components offers resources and additional links. For example, clicking on the Technology button leads to additional links for Accessibility, Assistive and Information Technology, Communication, Technology Rights, and Disability Related Organizations, which in turn, provide more specific links within each category.

My recommendation is to bookmark this site; if you ever have a need to access disability related issues, particularly if you are looking for government sources, this web site is an excellent place to begin your search.

Orah Raia is an alumna of The College of New Jersey (M.A.T.) and an inclusion specialist for the Teacher Effectiveness Grant.

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