DynaWrite: A Keyboard-Based Augmentative Communication Device

DynaWrite displayed on a clear background.DynaWrite, a keyboard-based communication device from the DynaVox company, is designed for individuals who cannot speak but have the fine motor ability needed to type. It allows them to express themselves quickly and easily within minutes of taking the device out of the box. An excellent solution for those with acquired speech disabilities transitioning from natural speech to augcomm with minimal outside help, DynaWrite includes powerful communication software and VeriVoxTM, a natural-sounding synthesized speech-output component.

Easy to learn and operate, flexible, and portable, DynaWrite features rate enhancement, text-editing and digitized speech capabilities. It offers a personal reminders menu, a built-in environmental control unit, and a cellular phone port that can be used to connect a telephone for public or private conversations.

The DynaWrite with built-in infrared ECU (environmental control unit), shoulder strap, power transformer, and one voice is available for $3,495. A scanning overlay package is available for an additional $500. For more information, go to the DynaVox website at www.dynavoxsys.com.

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