QPointer by Commodio

QPointer is an innovative method of human-computer interaction that enables direct pointing by voice or keyboard at any object on a computer screen. For individuals with poor fine motor skills or visual impairments who have difficulty performing the precise movements required to use a mouse, trackpad or trackball, QPointer offers four solutions:

QPointer Keyboard Navigator ($49) is a keyboard-only operation of the whole computer. It turns a regular keyboard into a direct pointing device that does not require the memorization of keyboard shortcuts.

QPointer VoiceMouse ($99) allows users to operate the whole computer without taking their hands off the keyboard. It speeds up all computer tasks by incorporating the functionality of QPointer Keyboard™ and adding to it voice navigational capabilities for voice access to menus, icons, hyperlinks and other "clickable" objects of the active application.

QPointer HandsFree ($189) provides complete computer control using voice. It allows for the operation of any application and control of Windows operating systems.

QPointer Premium ($749) is the "high-end" of the QPointer line and is designed for the professional market. In addition to all the functionality of QPointer HandsFree, it provides capabilities of vocabulary and commands customization.

For more information about these Commodio products, visit their website at www.commodio.com

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