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New from Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic

Last year Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic introduced their digital audio books. The products listed below offer different options for accessing the digital audio books.

Portable CD Players

The Telex Scholar ($249) and the Victor Vibe ($219) are portable CD players that read DAISY-compatible audiobooks. They provide CD navigation functions and playback features. These portable players are recommended for students and adults in grades 7 and up as a way to easily transport their players between school, work and home.

The Telex Scholar and the Victor Vibe offer the following features:

• Daisy 2.02/Daisy 2.0 playback

• Voice speed-up/slow down
• Commercial CD and MP3 playback

• Audio voicing of key functions and number entry
• Numeric keypad

• Fast forward/rewind
• Button navigation by page, chapter or section

• LCD screen display for viewing disc details
• Bookmarking feature

Portable Recorder

The Plextalk PTR1 from Plextor ($895) is a portable recorder that lets users who are blind play back and record in Music CD, MP3 and Daisy 2.0/2.02 formats. Digital libraries can be created from live recordings, analog cassettes and internet downloads.


• 90 recordable hours

• Calendar and on/off timer
• CD-R/RW disc system with optional removable flash card

• Voice calculator and notepad
• Key describer announce key functions

• Internal flash ROM upgrade via USB
• Voice guidance

• Expandable PC Memory Card slot (Type II)
• Built-in monitor speaker and microphone

• SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) compliant

Software Playback Systems

eClipseReader ($84.95) and Victor Reader Soft ($109) are the latest additions to the digital books software product line. These are full-featured software packages designed to play RFB&D’s AudioPlus CD books on a desktop or laptop computer. They are specially designed with the blind and visually impaired community in mind and have a well-designed user interface for individuals with learning disabilities. Appropriate for classroom reading labs or for home use, the eClipseReader and Victor Reader Soft are geared toward students at the middle school level and up.

Features include:

• Programmed to play RFB&D’s AudioPlus books

• Voice speed-up/slow down
• Navigation by page, chapter or section

• Bookmarking capability: unlimited
• Compatible with screen readers

• Customizable user interface
• Daisy 2.02 playback supported

• Drop down menus or keyboard shortcuts
• Multi-user management system

• Built-in text to speech (for bookmarks and text notes)

For more information about these and other products/services offered by Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic visit their
web site at



Forcina Hall, Room 101

The College of New Jersey

P.O. Box 7718

Ewing, NJ 08628-0718

P) 609.771.2795




Professor Amy G. Dell

Managing Editor

Anne M. Disdier