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Freedom Scientific (publisher of WYNN scan/read software)has released a software product designed to help individuals experience more success with test taking, worksheet completion, and electronic form completion. TestTalker uses the same bi-modal approach as WYNN – simultaneously highlighting words as they are spoken aloud. Essentially, TestTalker provides a talking, computerized version of a test, worksheet or other form that can be completed electronically.

TestTalker is unique because it contains two modules - a Teacher Edition for creating tests and a Student Edition for taking tests. The Teacher Edition allows teachers to either scan in or open computer created tests and configure them so students can complete the tests electronically. The Student Edition reads the test aloud and enables students to answer the questions on the computer. The completed documents can then be printed for assessment. The program supports True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill-in, and Extended Answers.

TestTalker is an invaluable accommodation tool that maintains the integrity of the written test by not modifying content. By providing electronic versions of tests, worksheets and forms, the program enables students with learning disabilities to experience greater success in their
academic endeavors.

Price: $399 (single copy)
For additional details and price information visit the web site at


Forcina Hall, Room 101

The College of New Jersey

P.O. Box 7718

Ewing, NJ 08628-0718

P) 609.771.2795




Professor Amy G. Dell

Managing Editor

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