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IntelliSwitch by Madentec

IntelliSwitch is a wireless switch interface with five switch ports for providing easy computer access. The small IntelliSwitch receiver plugs into any USB port on a computer and the IntelliSwitch transmitter can be placed up to 20 feet away. It has two built-in switches and five external switch inputs. Ideally suited for classroom use, up to five different students using separate transmitters can use the same computer (at different times) equipped with a single receiver. When the switch is plugged into a computer, it is USB powered, and when it is used wirelessly, it is powered by 2 AA batteries. IntelliSwitch works with both Windows and Mac platforms and is compatible with Discover software, Intellitools software, and most self-scanning software.

IntelliSwitch receiverIntelliSwitch transmitter








When used with Discover 1.8 software, IntelliSwitch enables individuals with motor impairments to perform all keyboard and mouse functions by simply pressing a switch. It is suitable for people with cerebral palsy, ALS, MS, locked-in syndrome, head injuries, and other physical and learning disabilities.
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