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smartNAV by NaturalPoint

SmartNAV is a hands-free mouse operated by head movement. This mouse alternative offers access to computers or augmentative communication devices for individuals who are unable to access a standard computer keyboard or mouse due to physical restrictions. The tracking device connects to the computer by a USB port and is mounted on top of the computer monitor or laptop screen. The SmartNAV The tracking device attached to a computer tracks a reflective dot built into the user's baseball cap.tracks a reflective dot that can be placed on the user’s forehead, glasses or mic boom or alternatively, one that is built into a baseball style hat worn by the user. An onscreen keyboard is included with the package, and the system has numerous clicking options: hot keys, voice recognition, switch input or dwell clicking. Multiple users can calibrate the system and store their individual profiles for future use. SmartNAV is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms.



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