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SpeakQ™ by Quillsoft

SpeakQ softwareWordQ (see TECH-NJ 2003, Vol 14, No.1), the word prediction software that works with any Windows word processing program, has a new plug-in. SpeakQ plugs into WordQ and adds simple speech recognition. SpeakQ provides speech recognition for individuals who can type but have difficulties with the processes of writing and reading. These individuals can benefit from a combination of word prediction, speech output and speech input to generate text.

SpeakQ helps the editing process by providing support for spelling, word forms, identifying errors, and proofreading. In SpeakQ, the typical speech recognition demands are made easier. It has a simple training interface in which the computer prompts the user by voice in what to say. There are no verbal commands for control or correction. Users simply dictate text in either a continuous dictation mode or combined with word prediction. The program provides ongoing speech feedback.


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