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Moving On: Promoting a Successful Transition
to College or Community
The College of New Jersey
April 20, 2007
8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Co-Sponsored by NJ Commission on
Higher Education Special Needs Grant Program

Conference Overview

The transition from school to successful adult life continues to be a critical issue for students, their parents, local school district personnel, and disability support staff at institutions of higher education. School systems and colleges have become increasingly more accountable for the post-secondary outcomes of their graduates, including youth with disabilities.
This conference presents current information and research-based practices on the planning and implementation of educational supports for youth with disabilities in the transition to college and the community. Within the fundamental context of inclusion and the use of assistive technology as a tool for successful transition, the conference offers a statewide forum for discussion and learning with local, state and national leaders.

Keynote Address

Rediscovering Our Right to Belong - Norman Kunc
In a fast paced and challenging presentation, Norman Kunc maintains that special education is not simply something we “do” to students with disabilities, but should involve a school and community making intentional commitments to build and maintain a sense of belonging for all students and adults.

A central tenet of Norman’s message is that belonging is an inherent need of all people and must not be reserved solely for the “best of us.” Learning to value and work with a diversity of people is the first step in building systems which foster a positive transition to adult life.
Break-out Sessions

Planning for Work and Community Life

  • Self-Determination and the Freedom of Assistive Technology
  • Non-Coercive Responses To Puzzling Behavior
  • Keeping it Real: Support You Need for the Life You Want
  • From Back Seat to Driver: A Student’s Perspective
  • Technology to Support an Alternative Proficiency Assessment 
  • Futures Planning to Promote Positive Outcomes
  • Preparing Augmentative Communication Users for Transition

Hands-on Workshops

  • Reading, Writing & Notetaking with Solo, Neo & Dana
  • Supporting Students with Reading & Writing Difficulties: Kurzweil 3000 Scan/Read
  • Customizing Windows Using Built-In Accessibility Features
  • Using What You Have: Maximizing Features in Microsoft Word
  • WYNN: Reading Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
  • Literacy Support Software: Read & Write 8 Gold

Planning for College

  • Listen to Our Voices: Perspectives of College Students with Disabilities
  • Tips from Faculty: What to Expect in College
  • Access=Success: Impact of Assistive Tech on Student Success
  • Understanding College Students with Psychiatric Issues
  • Counseling Students with Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Exploring Speech Recognition Software
  • Transitioning from High School to College: Where’s My IEP?
  • Transition Issues for Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Coaching/Mentoring Students for Transitioning to College


The registration fee is $155 and should be sent as soon as possible. There will be no on-site registration. Online registration is available at To request mail-in registration, contact CATIES at (609)771-3016 or contact the office via email at



Forcina Hall, Room 101

The College of New Jersey

P.O. Box 7718

Ewing, NJ 08628-0718

P) 609.771.2795




Professor Amy G. Dell

Managing Editor

Anne M. Disdier