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New Products:

kReader Mobile

Readers from Kurzweil-National Federation of the Blind(knfb)

      kReader Mobile software from knfb Reading Technology, Inc. runs on the Nokia N82 multifunction cell phone. It allows users to snap a picture of virtually any document, such as mail, receipts, handouts, and memos. Built-in character recognition software, in conjunction with high quality text-to-speech, will read the contents of the document aloud. At the same time, the text can be displayed on the phone’s screen, and each word can be highlighted as it is spoken. Reading speed and voices are adjustable, and users can choose to have the text read by sentence, work or character. An added bonus allows users to select reading in other languages, and translation between languages is available. The screen rotates for portrait or landscape viewing.

      Documents and images can be saved and transferred between the phone and a computer. All regular phone features are operational and the Nokia N82 has the ability to run GPS programs, access to PDF files, voice recording and music files.

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The College of New Jersey

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