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Ginger Text Correction Software

Ginger Software, Inc.’s writing software takes spelling and grammar correction to a new level. This downloadable program features an online spelling/grammar checker that corrects errors of spelling and grammar based on the context of each sentence. It corrects misused words, grammar and spelling mistakes in Microsoft Word, Outlook and Internet Explorer. An Internet connection is required to access the online database. Ginger Premium adds text-to-speech and progress reporting. Text-to-speech enables users to hear sentences before and after correction, and the progress report feature tracks mistakes to monitor student progress and personalize instruction.

A sample screen from Ginger Software illustrating the corrections made to a sentence typed into Microsoft Word.

The difference between Ginger software and other correction programs is that Ginger reviews entire sentences and makes the most appropriate corrections for spelling mistakes, typos and grammar errors based on the context. See the example in the screenshot below. Unlike standard spell checkers, Ginger can tell when a correctly spelled word is misused and replaces it with the right word. When Ginger is unable to determine the proper term, it suggests the most probable corrections. Each option is presented with a sample expression, allowing users to consider the usage and to choose the correct word.

Ginger is available in a Windows-only version for single users or on a district or school-wide basis. Monthly subscriptions are another option. A free 14-day trial is offered.

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