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MindView software by MatchWare enhances students’ ability to visualize, organize and present information. Interactive mind mapping and visual organization, also known as graphic organizing, can help students who have learning disabilities improve their reading comprehension, facilitate research, structure written assignments, and enhance study skills. Students can organize their thoughts using visual graphics and color coordination.

MindView’s interface features large, uncomplicated icons to minimize the learning curve and unclutter the screen for students who may have difficulty focusing. Information can be displayed in six interchangeable views including Outline, Timeline, Left/Right and Top/Down. The program contains 80 curriculum-based, customizable templates.

Thoughts and ideas are entered and then presented in branches. The ability to rearrange the branches allows students to drag-and-drop the order of their branches, enhancing brainstorming effectiveness and visual relationships. Branches can be color coded to demonstrate visual relationships. Students can access MindView’s multimedia catalog of more than 1,500 images, and they can include branch attachments containing custom images, Web links, text notes, sound files, video files and document files. A Focus Mode lets students zoom in and focus on a group or individual branches. A built-in Timeline feature enables students to easily create timelines for presentations or action plans. Students’ mind maps can be exported to or imported from Microsoft Word ®, Microsoft Power
Point ®, Microsoft Excel ®
, and html.

MindView is sold to educational institutions in 3 year subscriptions that include free home use for all students, teachers, and staff.

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