Fall 1998, Vol. 10 No. 1

Online Resources

IntelliTools Activity Exchange
Preview overlays and activities which have been custom designed using Overlay Maker, IntelliPics, IntelliTalk, and/or ClickIt! and download those that suit your needs. Activities are organized by tool, skill level, and curriculum area. Or send an activity you have created and receive a free piece of software if it is added to the Activity Exchange.

Website of the Children's Software Revue
Provides an excellent resource for comments and recommendations about children's software.
The PEP Registry is a comprehensive listing of educational software companies, with direct links to their sites.


Assistive Technology in Special Education: Policy and Practice (1998) by Diane Golden, Missouri Assistive Technology Project

Has Technology Been Considered? A Guide for IEP Teams by A. C. Chambers, Wauwatosa School District, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Young Kids and Computers: A Parent's Survival Guide A 96-page book from the editors of Children's Software Revue which provides information on selecting hardware and software, and lists over 700 software titles.

Everything You Need to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask Kids) About the Information Highway
Explains the Internet in non-technical language and provides information on the value of Internet access in schools and homes.

Exceptional Parent Magazine
Software for Play and Active Early Learning: November 1998
Presents criteria for selecting software for children at the early childhood level and recommends programs that meet those criteria.

Content Software Makes the Grade: December 1998
Focuses on software for use in K-12 classrooms with students with disabilities.

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